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Deathmatch (TDM)

The team that first achieves a certain number of kills, wins. Show maps


Both teams try to bring the intel to their base. But to reach the base, they have to build bridges over the (deadly) water. The team that builds solid bridges over the water, defends them and brings the intel to their base, wins. Play Video Show maps

Zombie Survival (Survive)

Hard to kill zombie bots melee attack the human players. Better your chances to survive by sticking in groups and building a defensive base. Show maps

Shoot 'Em Up (Bots)

Fight off the bots and capture all checkpoints. Play Video Show maps

Target Practice (Bots)

Shoot at the bots and use them for target practice. Type /challenge to see how many kills you can get in 5 minutes. The map changes every 30 minutes. Show maps

Ragequit Parkour

2D style parkour with bots. When you make it, your time and number of deaths will be shown and saved. Type /highscore to see the best runs. Play Video Show maps

Build / Let's Build A Map

The build server is used either as an open build space, or for a new project to create playable maps together for different gamemodes. Contact someone from staff for building permission. Introduction to ingame mapping: Play Video Show maps


Adventure is a mini-gamemode for single player with 2 different endings. Show maps